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one formed immediately under the pleura, was the cause of the perfo-

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wind variable. Observations of the rainfall have been taken

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One of us (J. A. R.) last year published with H. W. Barber 22

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membranes and brain was also to be explained on that supposition.

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bed to bed by contagion." He ascribes to this "generating miasm"

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There are several points about the symptoms, diagnosis and

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for hesitating to rely with confidence on his statements.- Besides

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have to become acclimated to militarv camp and field

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present the advocates of the malarial theory would still have to explain

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increase in size, and in other three or four days attain that of a

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tirely on the symptoms which tell whether the physician

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Solutions in the Treatment of Shock, Meeting of the

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and they were many, this rump end was well marked, and in

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If people are careless or imprudent in dealing with tubercular

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havior they seek to avoid, since the vocal and persis-

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The above case is very instructive, as it illustrates the possibilities of

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in children who have been overworked at school. There are

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gradually a cachexia, resembling that of sheep-rot,

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sidered toxic. The exciting cause will be most active

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and the promptly remedial effect of thyroid extract. From ordinary obesity

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give it proper consistence, rent wing it morning, noon, and night.

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Owing to the scantiness of our knowledge as to the pathogeny of

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which, I think, ought to be performed in all unsuccessful and

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ment is quite common. The mucous membranes are affected in

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An Elementary Course in Experimental and Analytical

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Everything being ready, the surgeon first divides the abdominal integuments,

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with local or general convulsions. If death take place it is rarely delayed

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1876, when Noeggerath wrote his essay on ** Latent Gonorrhea," in

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that mosquitoes are expelled from the room or destroyed by fumigation.

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