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Hasner, a right and left aneurysm needle-like instrument for

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tions within the sphere of its influence, may be inferred (root

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we apply a few leeches, and cover the region of the liver with warm

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of the place or the reverse. If you find dampness, mould and decay-

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with in children at various ages, as the result of a great

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men of science among them, that it such subjects ; at the same time it must

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quality. Profuse serous discharge from the wounds. Todaj^ there is some

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vaccination, he has shown, in regard to vaccination for smallpox in indi-

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the weight increases and the general condition of the patient improves.

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SCARIFICATION. Disturbance of the upper soil layer by

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References. — '" Sem. med.," 16 Ann., No. 40; *"Amer. Journ.

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timed in seconds. The results are given in Tables II, III, and IV with suffi-

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and assignment of officers, the promulgation of regulations,

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1, who otherwise pa^ssed a good examination, was somewhat

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the operation of castration. A man, thirty-seven years

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rats and a 21-month study in mice showed no evidence of carcinogenicity There

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prove the correctness of the drug to claims for it.

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2C[v^ protrudiiuj choroid or vitreous must he cut off with

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judgment against him, was called in to examine an injury

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rule. This moves Los Angeles from moderate moisture back into mod-

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(102.5 Fahr.), and were followed on one occasion by a violent attack of dys-

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1863.] Reports of American Hospitals for the Insane. 495

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Fistula, with an Account of a new mode of Suture, and seven Successful Ope-

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the use of ergotol. N. York M. J., 1891, liii, 653.

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able letter from a correspondent drew attention to an important

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desire to be taught. At present a " Doctor," one to whom

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pected. In glaucoma simplex, where there is no inflammation,

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