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gait (staggering, shooting forward). The child com-

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health alliance market at all. Even if alliance membership

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which were replaced in the owners' pockets, and subsequently

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present. The other form is probably not often observed until

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(" Canon or Institutes ") w^as printed from the Arabic text in

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In obstruction of the common bile duct we have acholic, whitish, foul-smelling

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+ Indicates tbe date on which the animal eltber died or wag killed.

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at any one time. No visitors suffering from colds or influenza should

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Some recent observations would seem to indicate that euquinine

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produce acute nephritis, and he has several times observed toxic

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I ceived the appointment of Professor of Anatomy iu the sieme in

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keep the majority of cases under one hour on this open cone. If a

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a frowning and forbiddmg aspect to the skull as a whole. The

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dead, a sudden rush of blood overwhelmed my heart, with

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power, but to make the congenital fool a little less foolish, and the

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ciently for the line of rupture to be discerned. There was no

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Monday, however, promising him that in case it was still doing well that I

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remedies for a period of time will favorably influence the condi-

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agent possessing the elective inhibitory action upon one or other of

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equipment of the quack or the crustacean practitioner of physic from

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All cases are adapted to this treatment except the feeble

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sion of the nervous prostration which ushers in the disease ;

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are two bronchiectatic cavities. At certain points the

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sions, operated upon vital organs or upon the entire system by in-

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closed in sitting, the limbs were lifted above the point deter-

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and this seemed to speak of death rather than of disease.

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infection may have occurred. The woman presented herself in

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E. K., a rather delicate girl, aged 17, was sent to me by Dr. Ryan, of

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of spontaneous arrest when for the time being it does

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a.ssisted each oth.-r, and each ascribed to his

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struction ; but this is true to an extent not often thoroughly

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cornea was hazy, the retina injected, and a few haemorrhagic

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