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plexing uncertainty as to the real nature of the injury. He will

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but once, and between 1891 and 1894 it rose from 2 to

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abdomen I found a small band about an eighth of an inch wide across

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lirlR-\ri .1 pinr . .t -lirll i .r i.tluM' liiuli i-\pl(i-i\r lia- ll.

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depending on the intensity of the action. If the ferment has

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Also, in: Deutsche Ztschr. f. Chir., Leipz., 1896, xliv,l-80.

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surface, extreme prostration, great tympanites — in short, the symptoms de-

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taken. No remedy or food should be given that causes nausea

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than the male, and measuring 76 to 100 millimetres in length, with

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the poor, and taking many cases away from ignorant midwives.

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worth than human life, and physicians were little heard of. But the posi-

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vaccination which has been in force for years in England.

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and thus occasion more serious diseases! Zancet, Sept. 11, 1858.

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miliar enough with the various inflammations of tiie

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could organize a service which would bring about so excellent and rapid a

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abnormalities were all that were visible to the naked eye ;

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The total excretion per day under these circumstances is from 0.57 to

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these have been reported in detail in a previous note.'''' These

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pyrexia and then discontinue the drug when there is

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havior they seek to avoid, since the vocal and persis-

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Do not press between hands, but gently lift up into place. In

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of legislative enactments. But the deision of the supreme

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venting the exhalation of malaria by draining the ground thoroughly, and by

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equally on the amount of tissue in the condition of collapse. The re-

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natural ; pulse regular, and seventy-six a minute : such were the

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a non-astigmatic eye looks into the tube, it will see the cross

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