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Allowance must be made for the loss incident to the probable over-taxa-

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3tone be free in the bladder, or sacculated. In the workf we

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spore-threads have shown it to be superficial, limited to the fascia

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earlier shrine of prehistoric antiquity. The truth is, the

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tube, and in the expression of the diluted stomach-contents after the water has been

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substitution of a strong hand and steady touch may, perhaps,

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after the fourth application she was able to come in a cab to the

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:iinor importance: no value could be attached to this state of the fingers as

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sertations. The causes, which have so long retarded this

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strong caustic solutions, may be employed in the same way, or crystals

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The fully developed rash upon the back, abdomen, and thighs is of an intense

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meeting reports from the several Dublin Hospitals which had

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To the Editor of The Philadelphia Medical Journal : —

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in cases with sinuses existing for months after removal of the

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No. 4, p. 305) reports a high proportion of cardiac cases among the

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schools. The university is by far the most effective of the

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of torture which can effect no ultimate good to the State, and

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value to these various agencies in proportion to the size of the audi-

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of the question. On the other hand, is there any common

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The dietaries of those Jat tribes who have become Moham-

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more. The day previous hot fomentations of hops liad been

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veins with different colours both should be injected simultaneously, so that the

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or, if, in consequence of too rapid a distillation, it may have

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ing caused pain; was obliged to stoop over. I found

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brane, and in the periosteum around the articular sur-

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however, there be reason to suspect a syphilitic origin, it is obvious that

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inside the chest. Now, if the diaphragm be depressed

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paper before the Section on Public Health at the Bristol

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Professor White said that in a recent case which seemed

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7. Richet : Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. 1898, v, 137.

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the 9th. On the 10th, the treatment by quinine commenced. On the 11th, the

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Bristowe, together afford not only a very complete series of

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