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As digestion dops not take place in alkaline gastric juice,
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we may well entertain misgivings whether medicines ever can
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which I then held the chair of the Practice of Physic, were attacked ; of
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Bruises are the commonest of all accidents, and everyone has at some
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'""•'■' -pii 111''- "t boiir in,i\ \- ill nini.ut with ..r iii i.itc nriL'h-
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forme et erytheme de la gorge. Bull. Soc. clin. de Par.,
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dietary than to one whose health has broken down, and whose organs are
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a very fair conclusion to draw from the accumulated evi-
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tration. I directed the nurse who had the case in charge,
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continued ; skin moist and cool ; pulse eighty-nine ; the draught discon-
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Will it not be too much to ask " the opposition " to
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ing effect are, first, that the intermarriage of deaf men
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township, county and state, for the purpose of awakening public conscience and
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and with deadly effect. It has been shown by Anderson and Goldberger* that
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There is a stasis especially in the cecum in these cases to which Rehfuss
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Patients with excellent balance and upper extremity
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Dr. Logan Turnee (in reply) : We want to see the tumour in these cases
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these two branches of biology have attained. Histology, for
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think will be of interest to the surgical and dental profes-
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of the Toronto General Hospital, and to a less extent in the Sick
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the temples. He complained of thirst, total loss of appetite,
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tion, Dr. Maudsley, the President, delivered the address.
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. 1 ■ .1 r Not long ago it was remarked that sur-
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same as socotrine aloes. Product of several varieties of aloes
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Close, whose great capabilities as an instructor and whose pleasing person-
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these patients seem to be entirely cured. It may be likeh' that
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tarian deputy, consented to organize systematic courses of
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sons will tell you that it is more like the noise of a rasp, or a file,
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Hospital of Marseilles, and that in 1786 Tenon found
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ditions to one-seventh of its original volume in the course of fourteen days,
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Treatment of CEdema. — CEdema is treated, first of all, by rest in
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are unaccustomed to the interpretation of psychical states in
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not of the urethra alone, but of the entire urinary tract, — ^in which
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