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vre have sometimes had to contemplate in courts of justice.
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ed the side, whence it proceeded, nearly horizontally, to the sternum.
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mended to eniploy in the former the same treatment as in the latter case.
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During the season, the question arose as to the development of acid
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tles, and certain birds, hemoparasites that, morphologically, showed
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scribed accident of labour, — injuries to the ureters. This
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Syphilitic Disease of the Fiuger; Amputation. — Dr.
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They gave encouragement that blanks should be forwarded for the
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They are not purgative nor even aperient in their action, but
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tQOth had appeared as follows ; In 3 infants at two
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exclusion of the agents of decomjjosition (antisepsis), and their destruction
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opportunities to become reinfected, and there is much evi-
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the third case afforded no data for conclusions. In health, alimentary
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lesion was to the second cervical segment, but it was not
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not what they might be, an influential force in furthering the plans
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be eight per cent., or double those occurring after treatment without
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6 J>e, H. omitB ; >e«J>y, instrumental here. 7 -ttp-, B., more exactly.
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anterior and posterior branches of the internal iliac ar-
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oxygen for five minutes every half hour from December
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\%^\ hypermetropic ; choroidal atrophy. L. E., percep-
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have to come to it. But we cannot expect at present
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was a sarcoma of the kidney. He disagreed with me as to the
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the top commander to the user of the equipment is accomplished
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in the rate and mode of respiration ; and I have ascertained, by expe-
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The second , a septic hip in which there was always much
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pyrometer, Mr. Siemens illustrated some of the principles of
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continuance of the digitalis and squill, and in addition fall
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stalk which can be done nicely with a silver fork, place them
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eight days ago, after long riding in the wet, was attacked (in
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moderate case may unquestionably be greatly benefited for a long time
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the male i- a much more CO] inon condition than i- BUS
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stomach. He still believed the antemia in Dr. Westbrook's case
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it out. When I opened the abdomen and came on the cyst, it was transparent, so that I
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between forty and fifty, the percentage is only about half as large as Schroeder's
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our medical faith, we do not hesitate to confess, that general
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