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Do not press between hands, but gently lift up into place. In

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cations and certificates that were being given to women as

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len, red, or painful, are to be wrapped up in flannels,

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matorv chano-es throuirh the mechanical irritation of the

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&c, so as often to produce some difficulty in swallowing; a

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Other symptoms may develop during the course of acute Bright 's dist^asi'.

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results of his labour (the dissection of sixty -five subjects) in

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metic, and so on, in the ordinary stereotyped manner as had been

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tion, being only kept fluid by remaining in the vessels. It also

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boils put the pears in, and boil until you can pierce them

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lines of thinking in terms of public health, and that our people are more

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ber, 189X— indoor, 57.581 ; out-door, 32,425; total, 90,-

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some regions of the body the spirochetes are easily reached,

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stimulation. The fact was that in the so-called expect-

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levator of the left side, together with paralysis of the external rectus of

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cet, Lond., 1887, ii, 308.— Collins (J.) A case of enteric

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paper communicated to the Medical and Chirurgical Society by

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duties of medical examiners in the investigation of certain cases

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ble both by heat and nitric acid. Infusion of digitalis, made with a

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injury may greatly increase the activity of the disease in the injured joint,

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nical terms and general terms given a special meaning by the Army are ex-

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Confinement to any one position is unfavorable, and should prompt

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growths of yellowish colour in the skin. The growths occur either as thin

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certainly not contagious, and with marked change in the contexture of its

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opium is taken, and it is evident that the use of this

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that it has been often our lot to witness the anguished parent —

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throtomy was a safe procedure ; that by the intelligent

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So far, in the study of influenza, incontrovertible testimony has been

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9. Slipping of a coil of intestine through a slit or

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place on the surface" of the globe in which to dwell. And if

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mersion. This point was raised in Reg. v. Kettleband (Nottingham "Winter

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paralysis of the left vocal cord. There is no atrophy of the

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