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inclusive ; also a record of private practice for the

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Different cases differ in respect of the quantity of arine and the amoat

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1891, xxviii, 58. — Herrnheiser (J.) Ein besonders

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necessary, should be the rule of treatment observed, in order

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1848^ 24 females to U males; in 1849, 24 tolO; in 1850, 89 to 21; in 1851,

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more than honour his memory and emulate his example.

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0. DoiN, Paris. — M. Segrain, " Hcredite et alcoolisme." (7/V.)

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anginosus (ferment lactose but not mannite or salicin). Broadhurst'

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deal of swelUug and puffiness on both sides of the foot.

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over inflammation in general was considered ; and now we come

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immediately before the abrupt rise denoting true ventricular

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to suit the patient. When this is coated, small quantities of thin chicken

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Of antipyretics in tuberculosis cmiuiue in large closes, even to

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interrupted than continuous sutures, and, in the former, when

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of the body and then the other. Emotional disturbance, with a tendency

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Resumed Practice. — Dr. George Homan, whose term as Health Com-

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thenia counterindicate high altitudes. Profuse secretion is a

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than it is. And the need we have of knowing how to discriminate

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may be sympathetically carried over to the other, there are, as

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Dunlap and the reporter considered the existence of the fracture an

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that the onset of the disease appears to have often been determined by

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most part not specially trained in this peculiar and special line, absolute

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the bottle, and the water allowed to overflow for several minutes, after

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supplementation. Institute corrective measures cautiously and monitor serum potassium

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animals not only take in, assimilate, and circulate extraneous

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use, but weak solutions of the siher salts are frequently helpful. Vaseline

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each case by special tests whether the inipairuient of

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was applied as on the former occasion, being allowed to

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wright, of Natchez, has expressed to us the opinion, that the maritime

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