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with an ulcerative process would not have been treated

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relations to the median line of the body. Practical, or

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33. — TTie Mode ly tchicTi Inflammation of the Eye is propagated in Men-

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reports that all that whitish material that is seen in the

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3. Taenia denticulata of ox. — France and Germany.

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gauze, the forceps applied, during which time the openiug of the pubic bones

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and wayward than they were. They talk, write, compose incessantly ;

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fully. Advantage has been taken of the technique of San

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erythematous, and from occurring on the buttocks, thighs, and genitals, is

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cold water, Alum, and Carbolic lotions. Support the womb with

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are inimical to him will find an infinitude of technical errors

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out the development of pneumonia. I will say this in regard to the

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The following Bodies grant one or more Degrees or Licences

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terpretation of the pulse-curve, adopt the view that there is only a single heart

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the government of Great Britain, and its meetings and

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only one here to do it. Dr. Harris would be here later

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advice and warning ; whereas, since the beginning of the

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fatal thrust. But though Dr. Bell has indulged quite as freely in meer

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FoRESTKR. On May25tU, at Ciaremont Square, the wif^ of H.

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into ideas, made them an integrant portion of the m.nd^

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Venous Stasis.- — Although varices are rare, dilatation of veins is

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attempts to accomplish the feat were equally futile. I had never even

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fully and thoughtfully intelligent persons investigated the subject,

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myriads of other hand and finger uses which one wishes to re-

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1894, n. s., Iviii, 359.— Kober (G. M.) A contribution to

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