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painful than the ordinary punctures. Lymph mixed with

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This is looked upon as a variety of Margaropus annulatus Say

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Dr. Pompili, (of Rome) will be placed in charge. — Rivista

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had received a severe strain while rowing in a college

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in country' towns and districts. In the first place we

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who was suffering from great dyspnoea. The child was a native of

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briefly of the most important factor of all in mili-

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before we succeed, a mischievous action is going on in the part

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they are due to the accidental infection with other or-

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foods, with milk and the pulps or juices of fresh fruits, given either

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claim that cases and individuals are very different, and that

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side, but had entirely disappeared from the left half of the body. She had

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the oil; it caused no irritation of the air passages, and did not

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1. Gordon BS, Newman W: Lower nephron syndrome following

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from facts, his quickness of perception, and, above all, his love for

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the greatest importance may exist in them without the possi-

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laboriously, the head low, the nose protruded, the nostrils widely

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Soc. anat. de Par., 1884, lix, 548-551. Also: Progrfes m6d..

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• Received a report from Dr. Smith and Mr. Conner on the

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cases I tried the method, but I conferred no | one of which was preserved and given to

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the circumstances were sufficient to warrant th'e jury in inferring that the

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the other hand, unexpectedly, and are developed insidiously. Tu-

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was incorporated in the Constitution, prohibiting the holding of the an-

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as unnecessary, the feeble, sick, and downhearted may derive

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mand over his own resources which never failed him, and with a power

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not give morphine. I recognize the fact that the convulsions are most

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little over 0.17 per cent. During the period of the experiment 3,7 gm. of glucose

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