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occurring in man and domestic animals. Am. J. Anat.

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abscesses or hypertrophies of tissue or fibroid degeneration, and

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^ Zwei Faelle von acutem Gelenkrheumatismus. Berl. klin. Wo-

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observed. Not infrequently the muscles of the posterior part of the neck

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ination had to be made under ether, on account of the

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Specific character of tubercular inflammation : infiltrating tubercle. — The con-

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Glasgovj University — Dr. Arthur J. Ballantyne, as Lecturer

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second night of CPAP of our two-night protocol. The pres-

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Well, then, a doctor should be a tolerably well educat-

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the ordinary aseptic form, and we quite agree with their view.

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1806. Diagnojis between Hydrocephalus and Worms. 53

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...'.in:;:!:' ";,;:;:;r: ';■■;::;:!;';:';:'■;'■', '!:- '"- '*-'.

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3 Cases of Pooley (Archives of Ophth., v.. p. 148) : Vetter (Deut. Archiv. I. kl.

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held at the hospital, 29 Elmbank Crescent, on 4th December.

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meat dissolved in the boiling water, it is possible to make a factitious

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little fever, which then developed the characteristic symptoms. This

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kind of operation, according to the chances of success in a particular pa-

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Contributions may he sent to Mr. Clintlfs I.iuiicr, Treasurer, 17

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completely filled the left side of the scrotum, which

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with steam of a temperature of 100** C. (212*^ F.) An-

prednisone and cialis interactions fish oil

been strongly recommended, of giving repeated doses of diluted mineral acids.

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and though quiescent under ordinary circumstances, are developed

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to physiological and pathological vvoiks of merit for a description of

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