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sion, sans ulceration, sans inflammation, sans constitu-
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Case VIII. — Occurred in the extern department. Profuse
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The above lists are furnished gummed, in strip form, for use un the "Plymouth
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at the junction of the prepuce and glans penis; it was a per-
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solutions had a marked tendency to deteriorate even at ice-box
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left kidney was of normal size, and its pelvis was not
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as a means of relief for the extended neck, but there
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spread over the cake, dipping the knife in cold water occasion-
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by the chairman, Granville P. Conn (Concord, N. H.).
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was nothing to induce him to suppose that the hernia was of fourteen months'
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breakfast and supper. These powders are said to have been
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A copy was presented to Aberdeen University by Prince Albert.
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This is usually only an incident during the course of chronic
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Mr. Longmore records a case in which a man was shot in the right loin at the
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not published in your interests but as advertising mediums for their
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simply compensatory changes by which nature endeavors to keep the
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in the passages was increased, and his patients got along better without it. He took
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of the mainspring to u higher plane in the artery, the writing-
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the Hospitals, Pnris), Dr. J. Shannon, Mr. A. J. Walsh (now prac-
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screw-organ is usually performing peculiar pulsating movements,
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for some time been devotinjj my attention in suitable oases
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vations and inquiries lead me to conclude that sufficient

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