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usually not the result but the cause of the morbid phenomena, which must be
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all this may be done with almost entire ignorance of the laws of life, and
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ages, in the care of the insane. The Chinese State hospitals. None are kept in jails or
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"There are branches of study, like (ireek or mathe-
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be derived from the returns given of the duration of the whole
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Sympio7?is. — If able to walk at all, the animal does so with
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chief local market for Argentine butter, and it is well supplied with a
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is, “brand new person(s) inside.”-^ He taught that we can
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contraindicated when the normal gastric secretion is aug-
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Now what is such a transient relief, so soon self—
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who had been suffering from chronic dysentery. We believe,
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It is perfectly evident from a study of typhoid fever
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be included, but the ej^idemic occurred during the years that
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reacted to light, and subsequently became pox also occurs concurrently with vaccina-
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whole strength and substance of the man passed away. He, moreover,
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■when he is inclined to assist in the good work ; but
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recovery. The disease is chronic, lasting from ten to twenty or twenty-
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the skin, etc. An increased production of sweat is observed in certain
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hended to have hydrocephalus, but it recovered. This pa-
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from private practice, whereas in the Charily Hospital
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important to bear in mind that giving a large amount,
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joint muscles, as a whole, are at rest, because most of these muscles are more
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The remaining cases were subjected to the full treatment as de-
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tificial Hand and Arm. The models you showed me the other
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have to go on to the next diagnosis. My observations have led
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is in the majority of instances of great value in pointing to the extent
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"Of the main work we may repeat that it pos.s«8se«

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