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a few miles by electric car to see me in consultation.
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enlargement to lead to the inference that amputation should be had
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gum dextrine has been thoroughly incorporated ; now stir
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In ancemia, M. Hannon used different preparations of manganese, and
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7. s., xi, 27-36.— De Bono (F. P.) & Dotto (G.) L' oc-
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delphia : W. B. Saunders, 925 Walnut Street. 1898. Canadian Agents :•
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Fractures of the Femur. — In fractures of the femur differ-
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Fig. 27.— llliistrntiiiK the introduction of the primary sntures in the upiKtr wall of the pylorus,
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does not extend beyond sectional boundaries. Now, this tact is sufficient for
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hydrochloric acid, care being taken to leave a slight excess undissolved; the solu-
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expressed. States not named are understood to have no laws prescribing standards
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There are few patients that will bow down to a physi-
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possibility of securing additional dental units, if required. Se-
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Walker secured a markedly increased serum resistance and an
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this did not prove that it was not a pancreatic cyst, for there are
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spasms of the abdominal muscle. I have repeatedly confirmed the observation
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of caryocinesis in a single red blood-cell. The subject
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cing Cholera ' (Second Series). By T. E. Lewis, M. B.,
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that of the skull and of the spinal canal. The greater the pressure and
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The numerical increase in the uninuclear cells in relation to the
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Springfield, 111. The selection of the time and place
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J. R., Lakefield, Ont. ; Fraser, W. G., Pembroke, Ont. : Froomess
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C. D. Griswold, formerly one of the Editors of The American Medical
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rare after the final dismissal of the clamp, still more
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