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face or upper extremities. The area of liver dullness in the mid-

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[etc.] 1880, Par., 1887, ii, 039-042. Also: Rec. d'opbtb..

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inflammation there may be some temporary improvement ; at

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advantage of this form is the ease with which it can be removed and

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effusion and early consolidation of the lobe of one lung may

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Other symptoms may develop during the course of acute Bright 's dist^asi'.

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duced, as has been supposed, by mere consolidation and polishing

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radical; think affection of hearing is due to mechanical obstruction, and that a

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by the teachers who know them as being of fully average

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case the patient recovered from what appeared to be the terminal stage

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greatest personal satisfaction. I accept this position with

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guinal and Femoral Regions, i, Poupart's ligament ; 2, the iliacus muscle ; 3, semilunar

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virtual, is one of those conclusions in pathology most certainly

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across is the superior laryngeal, and from it there arise in order from

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thing seemed about a half larger than natural, and nearer to the

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ful as a solvent of sulphur and phosphorus. It is a feeble acid, and

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antiseptic syringe, described in the article published on Anti-

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correspond precisely to the secondary atrophies in the

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but could scarcely find a bleeding point in its usual position.

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been two whole years engaged in any other employment, to resume his

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and fifty-eight places for internes in general hospitals.

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vomiting. In some cases a high initial temperature, up to 104°F., has

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ing pressed against the spine by the inflated intestines. Besides the

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which Avill occupy your thoughts, I earnestly beg you not to be

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