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blood is generally passed in larger quantity than in cal-
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on a case of diabetes and give a test diet having three attributes,
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epilepsy" — in which it is assumed that " it consists essentially in the
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iar. (3) If after three doses no narcotic effect is noted, he
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scription of the case, and his rendition of the s} 7 mptoms, as he
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bring on an attack at any time. The disposition itself, in all cases,
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trouble. There was no family history, as far as it was possible to
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interest in missionary work. Exceptional men have made good
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ing, the posture of the hands, the expression of the
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the thirteenth day, March 24th, it was very rich in rosettes, and in motile
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local treatment. Brocq says : " For the older authors the internal treat-
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organism, whatever it may be, becomes developed into a
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beings, including its own master (especially if he provokes it
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Londres." The result of using this somewhat vague phrase
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by Zaufal (1889) in 6 cases; by Levy and Schrader (1889) in 5 out of
prednisone generic or brand buy
flavoured with any kind of syrup, for two sous (one penny), and,
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borne seven children at term, six of which were de-
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the hypodermic syringe became, and has continued to be, the routine
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the brain, the disease begins abruptly. In most cases the disease is
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we may expect to see a rehabilitation of it as a remedy
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is being made there of Professor Francisque Crotte's elec-
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nail has recently appeared and may be tried : Remove all pressure
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147.— Way (J. H. ) Expeit medical witnesses: What
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from these two species, but it was desirable to know to what extent,
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tion of the rate of flow. This developed more suddenly in Fig. 1
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was not certain that the case of Dr. Hammond repre-

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