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possessing its hypnotic and analgesic actions without its inconveniences,

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ice. or to use warm applications in the form of fomentations

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Cuba would have had time to e.xamine these cases care-

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and all suspicion ; and I will not say but that I think lan-

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T. opium, one-half drachm. Olive oil, 3i. Water, 3iv. Also

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two to three days. The temperature rises gradually, to attain the maximum

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chronic enteritis, and to notably prolong the duration of

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zoologic position, for, in the first place, we shall see their relation-

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an osteomyelitic focus) into the unbroken skin of the arm the organ-

prednisone 10 mg 6 day pack directions google

the very brink of the grave, and restore them to life and vigour. In

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W. White, of St. Jolin, N. B. A skin clinic will be held in

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neutral fats and lecithin causes it to form an unusually large pro-

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Greek words were taught to the students. “ All ! ”

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Malaria and the Malarial Parasite. — By Dr. P. Manson. In the

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der it disturbed and broken. The want of sleep increases his

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first rigour; that a much better result than a reduction of 50 per

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hidden behind the brave young faces ! What steadfast aims

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E^construction of a stomach in the manner descrihed in the text,

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drate diet and excreting no sugar or only small amounts, whereas he will

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3. Cholera sicca. This t}^ of the disease is more apt to be seen in old or de-

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Another condition which some times arises is hemorrhage

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because it must give us great caution in operating, aud

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Johns Hopkins Heap. Bull., Bait., 1897, viii, 119-121.—

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portion of her thyroid gland but remained apparently in

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