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Hirsuties. — Syn. : Hyp&rtrichiasis ; Hypertrichosis ; Polytrichia ,
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in certain cases, if not in all, the result of an ob-
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needle into the heart in order to record its movements.
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tension and severe pain in the epigastrium, often radiating to the
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of Richmond Board of Health and State Board of Charities and Corrections, both of whom are offered
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remedies without relief, his family physician was sent for. Pain was
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with it. It indicates the suddenness and force of the heart's
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blood in labour during or immediately after the deliver}'- of
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large quantity of the salt solution. I did not give any diaphoretics
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coarse crepitations could be heard over the base of the left
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bacilli. Guinea-pigs bore without detriment intra-peri-
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and its contents is dependent on the relations of the bones
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this should be regulated by the physician and not by the
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IV. Tubo-Uterine or Interstitial Pregnancy. By R. H. Fitz. M.D., Read
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"Works, 2 r. ; Mrs. Green, Mean Meer, 5 r. ; W. Green,
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salts in the biood. 'Xlie relief of the dyspnea is probably due
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The Portsmouth Times— The Sunday Gazette— The Scotsman.
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other hand, that the necessity for decay which lies upon tlie
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diminished proportionately to the increase in acidity of the gastric
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the skin. If there be any reason to suspect that the portal system
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water, is out of proportion to the greater danger from i\v
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ing in severity in proportion to the increase in the size
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yellowish-white masses, several inches long, half to one inch wide,
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influenza is the actual cause of the disease, which may possibly have
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very low virulence when inoculated into animals as compared with it. As
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serious in which the diagnosis is in most of them prob-
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adjustable needle-holder which would firmly fix and carry

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