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locating some foreign bodies by means of the fluorescent

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then there is chylous dropsy of that sac — "chylocele";

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ing the peculiar diagnostic characteristics of the tuber-

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quality^ of uniform composition, obtained by cleanly methods from

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questioned whether its importance to the dispensaries themselves

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was considerably, but not fully, dilated, and at 12.58 it

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With the exception of two of the Scottish Universities, all these qualifications

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tors.— A. C. Wentz (Hanover) exhibited a number of pieces

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to be extinguished, as by the rapid and destructive operation

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aorta has the most aneurisms, then the descending por-

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gitis, and is excited by the inspiration of, hot,

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34,1884. Des cirrhoses du foie. Revue d. med. 2, 1882, p. 867. Du Paludisme

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acid solution and distilled until seven-eighths of the total amount

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wound. The integument of the arm is inflamed. The wound

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The patient is now doing well. On the 20th January, he had a discharge

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much larger than is possible in the experimental laboratory, and

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pneumonia contagiosa, for example, the blood is undoubtedly the

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len solitary follicles, partly ulcerated Peyer's patches, and

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Upon laying open the parietes of the abdomen, an immcnfe

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under such circumstances is a serious op attention to j y ^^^^^.^^^^ ^ ^

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earlier lectures of the course, might be generally and briefly de-

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