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in a child six years old, in which there was a papular eruption on the
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eminently useful to the President for the preparation of his annual
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teric Glands. — Dr. Biggs also presented specimens from
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tion. (3) Circulation. There are few more beautiful
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when he objected I felt like sending for the undertaker at
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nent feature ; that one tendency of advancing pathological knowledge is
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from Health Officer Doty an official s-t;itement refusing to
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years, will result in fatal disorganization of the kidney. This is
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rating upon his fellows, had no doubt thus fallen a
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not think that any material for diagnostic or remedial
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practice. The laws of the different states are of varj'ing
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action. This weakness is shown by feebleness of the pulse, coolness and
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found in the films. Three days after the operation the patient was
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by the consulting committee of pul)lic hygiene of France.
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tering to which they had their living, that he now only
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friend ; but destroy the child, you must not." If one for
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Dr. OsLER called the attention of the meeting to the neces-
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the injection of carbonate of ammonia. Convulsions are among the most
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nay, Jan. 3, and stated that she had had &] Autopsy, Thirty-two hours after Deatk. —
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To the Editor: — ^WIU you kindly Inform me what states do not
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teachers* meetings held during last year were largely attended. All
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its tube, and need not be discharged into the urethra.
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surgery, collaterally mentions the complaint as being liable to be
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the proceedings at a meeting of the Society for the Prevention
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etc., we may associate affections of the stomach and liver (especially,) of

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