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a surgical operation of any considerable magnitude. Nothing but

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was obliged to rely on Dr. Waller's which, as recorded on my flow-

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For the sake of convenience of description and reference, we shall

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character of the lesion approached more closely that of tuberculosis.

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It is generally admitted that varicose veins are due to an affec-

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seen. Twins had occurred nine times, making a total of six

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the occipito-mental diameter, although generally supposed to be

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the several layers being dependent on the age, activity, and

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a daily fluoride supplement is planned. Then, by applying a

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upper calices, in cases of hydronephrosis if you pass a ureteral catheter

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Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting, held at St. Paul, Minn.,

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the ovary can be traced to venous dilatation, although that con-

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reached certain proportions, profuse leucorrhoea and pro-

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century the Bishop of London was named apothecarius^

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egotism and transcendental enthusiasm. But to call an

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grain) is found to be quite sufficient until the next

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fact that unmarried females who feel deeply the degredation of

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H. Morestin (Bull, de la Soc. de Anat., Paris, T. X, p.

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ing this. So also the hospital should not only teach the

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Podalic version — as it appears from the account given by

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lular organisms, fresh water algiB, diatoms, but the larvse of Anoph-

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rosive sublimate dusted over the wound, and a l-to-2,000 bichlo-

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«!eei)lessness and night sweats. The course of this case,

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fifty years of age, an enormously fat woman, came to me with

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he is incapable of an exclusive attention to one end : the universality of

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