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may be more easily, more surely, and more expeditiously

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disappear. It is the ideal remedy for tired, worn-out nerves.

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which they were formerly held and placed near the bottom of the list

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For certain reasons the operation was postponed to the

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and posterior division have failed to cure sterility, and there

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Patients who are removed from misery, filth, and sorrow

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the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles, and life is insured.

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Mr, even if the peritonitis be not connected with either tubercle or

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accord with the lesions; ulcerations may exist and become well marked

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immediately closed the abdominal wound again, but the patient

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is known. An article that seems vigorous, original,

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pital. Two moxas applied along the course of the nerve near the

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ance of old age prematurely, not only by the effects upon the structure of

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gent treatment, it is at any rate very different from

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limited care in the absence of family consent. Ann Intern

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Official List of Clianges in the Stations and Duties of

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very anemia it causes, leading to a lesser activity

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these teeth had a well-defined cavity like the main one. Three fangs on

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Medicine. By Joseph H. Raymond, A. M., M, 1)., Professor of Physiology and

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Dobell, but it has never been confirmed. In truth, we refused

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drugs themselves, it could also have been related to other,

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aaiountains, which cause sudden and considerable changes in the

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in cases of large pulmonary lesion the vital signs did not

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emetic ointment ; violent inflammation ensued, and she recovered com-

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with long usage, however, apoplexy continues to hold its place ii

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So slow, however, is the public in taking advantage of the

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