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includes information on indications for platelet therapy

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gehenden Fleischer, die von dem Bundesrat beschlossene Fleisch-

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is supposed by Pollitzer to be due to the imbibition of sweat by the horny

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is to give sufficient antitoxin. The giving of larger doses than are necessary does no harm;

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Treatment — The treatment embraces the following leading objects :

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similar case, I would like to know it. Dr. Byford has told me

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the hope that they and their aftercomers will examine

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the vast series of extinct animals and plants are not divisible, as they

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the examination of the proposed Conjoint Board, and to pay

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1 very severe abdominal pain, often felt at or near the

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the following forenoon was observed lying on her bacic quite

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lariy in children and young adults, small subcutaneous nodosities attached to

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ination of a four-page Plan of Care form through nurs-

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ployed as a farm labourer, was examined by me in February,

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examine such-and-such a knight.' He agreed and set off

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is proper to Dr. Johnson, and that is the .style and means of

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toms until the patient was within a few days of death. She then became

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recollect that letters of his have perished, and but two

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with diverse groups of people are essential. Training in

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seems to do just as well as a human thyroid — the

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The effects of abdominal pressure were for so long a

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bach's or ]Meissner's plexus was not sufficient to check the transmission

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in death, and those recovering frequently suffering from serious, often

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titioners, has so lowered the standard of professional excellence, and so

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injection, the animals may be classed positively tuberculous,

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and you leave me with what patients fundamentally value —

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commune," — A single faith, a single altar. Nothing proves that

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