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Experience leads tg the conclusion, that injuries done to the head are

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hiw of 1874 are the timidity of the censors, tlie belief

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the bronchi, shreds of elastic tissue persist and may be recognized in

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ectopic gestation-sacs which are complicated by adhesions, it is im-

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The population of the Canal Zone comprises men from nearly every

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point of time, chills were observed in 35 cases,

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symptoms were not diffferent from those of true colic.

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only one case, when one-fourth of a grain, taken night and

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is only necessary to recall how quickly the red blood cor-

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form of strophulus. There is no doubt, however, of the validity of Mr

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We have linear, annular, and tortuous strictures. They

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If absent, the solution dries up, leaving a brown or yellow color. The

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tended by accumulations of gas. A movable right kidney was

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Sedgwick and MacNutt express the opinion that Mr. Hazen's

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they had better be removed, but the patient will want

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nature of the disease or fever as a whole, and to say of this case

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purulent discharge continued for some weeks ; this, however, ceased on the ex-

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1st. That a too favourable prognosis should not be given from

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* Bonnet ; Annales M^dico-Psychologiques, 1877, A. J. O., vol. i., p. 68.

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by the entrance of blood into the abdominal cavity. There

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of ill health, as hard swellings, which sooner or later suppurate

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may require the employment of tneasurea to reduce the contractile enerfj nf

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the abdominal tumour was disease of the spleen or of the kidney ?

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calculated to excite serious apprehensions for the future ; so that its existence

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