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esting statistics upon the subject of fractures of the

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There are certain localities which are known to be centres, as it

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exhibited a specimen of hour-glass stomach and sec-

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unusually cumbersome. If the case be of an aggravated type and the cir-

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inferior wall of her left sphenoidal sinus broken down with small burrs,

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power, but to make the congenital fool a little less foolish, and the

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ducted on islands on tne West coast of Scotland, and even lona,

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John Burdett Steward, M.D. Cantab., h. 1855. Southall,

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other things, never suspecting their eyes as the cause.

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gelatin injections prophylactically before operations. After gelatin in-

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This morning I want to spend the last twenty minutes of our

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apparent exception had been noticed — namely, in a case of paraplegia, in which

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in other departments of Medicine. Most epidemic diseases have

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In a third group of acquired hydrocephalus the cases appear to arise

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made by Dr. Flexner 3 on the biology of the diplococcus were re-

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An examination of the clinical facts supports the view that the

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sinnlar case ui a young man who when he first appeared at the Goldeti

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or saline solution, or enemata containing stimulating remedies like

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instances, is developed in connection with various infectious diseases — the

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With respect to hydrocephalus internus, the analof^y is not so

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had taught him that the loudness of the second heart sound

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be constructed that ia at all hkely to have a perma-

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CHICAGO PHARMACAL CO., 141 Kinzie Street, Chicago, 111.

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• an ordinary meningitis. The hair should be sliavecl

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sclerosis, in syphilitic subjects, and in diabetics. Preceding the gangrene

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I think 1 have met with this affection more frequently in

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running a sterile course. Mikulicz, after a six months'

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a very clear effect of this failure of the skin. The

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