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foremost rank as regards practical availability and useful-

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of surgery its highest operation in gynecic medicine by the

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and calomel administered, if it can be got down. If these

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ence, cannot take the place of the reasoning and investigating propensi-

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may be determined by titrating with a standard solution of

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pair. For instance, the ball may be imbedded in one

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as it is anatomically so intimately conm-ctjd witli the

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living. We are developing “practice parameters,” stan-

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"• I""'" '""itR iK.|,i_. ,„ 1,,,,:, ,,„ ^,,_,,,, ^^^,^.

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active contraction, and it will be found that a depression exists

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satisfactorily, by playing carelessly with the sponge or other apparatus before

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disrupt many long-standing doctor-patient relationships.

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the viscera; and I was forced to believe that life had been destroyed

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Mayfair is empty, although many of its most useful inhab-

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Distortions, &c., p. 15, Lond., 8vo., 1823.) It

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lish the existence and causative relation of germs to

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complished, we hope to accumulate, by laborious toil in research,

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formation, leukaemia, and many other conditions, may also seriously inter-

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Rooke, Dukes, Saundby, Edlefsen, Marcacci, Munn, Bull,

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ment (pigmentary thrombosis), or accumulations of melaniferous

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and flexibility. I saw him a month later and the arm and

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