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they i)rovod to be sarcomatous. The girl was now dying in the country.

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of the nerve or tracts behind the globe, a condition that has not existed

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a certain extent, is made by mixing a gallon of water with two gallons of

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Boston, having travelled two hundred miles. The journey was well

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sustain a measure opposing the development of science ? It is

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A slight catarrhal condition of the right Falloppian tube was

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Prices of various Commodities for fifty-three years; Valuable Rules for the use of Farmers

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obstruction, but, on the contrary, there was on the leg, when

prednisone 20mg tab la thuoc gi

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time many states have been added to this number until now nearly

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weak solutions of sulphate of zinc and copper, and such has been their success

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Bacot, Esq.; T. Turner, M.D. ; D. H. Walne, Esq.; A. J.

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scale of complexity in the body, and an approach towards a

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nose, or merely occurs as isolated bossy growths on the cheeks or forehead.

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duced, more gradually, on the mucous membrane in every part of the

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1843 e.— Sur les tubercules vermineux de I'cesophage <;ibidem (3), pp. 171-175.

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The writer agrees with Dr. Gill that the best instrument is a little cotton on a

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natives, who have an idea that the water becomes a repository

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jequirity. 24. The preparation most preferable, seems

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garded the disease as resulting from an affection of the

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a pint and a half of boiling water should be poured

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occurrence then of attacks of asthma, ejiilepsy, gout,

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Dr. Samuel Sexton, of New York, stated that in many

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entered. The accumulated gas, which is specifically

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senile disease. But on the other hand, I am not sure that a strict line of

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tle, dry, hacking cough with which we are all so familiar ;

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