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The evidences of communicability are not so obvious in chronic infec-
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cuui tegeu malaria. Nedeil. Xijdschr. v., Amst.,
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to us when follicles show and the follicles are ablated
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In cases of marginal congestion, without scales or crusts, ointments
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against the liver. Moser invites attention to multiple lobulation, as many as
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as an incident in cases with chronic indigestion. Severe anaemia
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way acting as a predisposing cause to specific infective diseases.
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earliest possible information of the appearance of such disease to the local san-
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palsy of the detrusor should be somewhat more rare. In apoplexy
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2 "The patient. . . runa some substantial risk of acquiring or gii
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when given alone, has the power of influencing the amount
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dulness to the left of the upper sternum.'' He tiad also noted a verv
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and military camps ■ — Portsmouth, Plymouth, Woolwich,
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soft tissue following gangrene, and this line of inflammation
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from an organ of pounds in weight to one of as many
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for uppers in Table 8), and will serve to render clear the manner of mak-
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The success of reimplantation depends to a large part
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virtually declare that genius may imagine and become
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Intestinal parasites. — Intestinal worms are very frequently
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3. There can be no doubt that the deposits brought down by the
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arrangements to deposit this portrait of Dr. Davis in some
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Bound with: PiCTORlus (Georgius). Opera nova, [etc. J.
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the difference between arterial and venous blood. Hermann states,
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materially alter the quantity of blood that is sent to, or transmit-
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for amongst the volatile, ill-smelling products of decomposition, and were
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If milk be injected into blood the milk globules likewise dis-
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wide reputation and wonderful clinical material which it is willing to
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** The chief difference seemed to be, that now, the greatest force of local affection fell upon

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