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bands ; the very existence of such expressions proves
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It remains then only to determine what we shall call
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one of the first indications of rational treatment.
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this operation has been performed a great number of times. Adelmann, in
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were reported for and against occipital displacement. Those with whom
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Ciualiflcatlon No. I. (6)— That a certificate of registration showing
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8C()uri;i'«)f nil iiutcccdfut life, h;i«I, luorrovcr, thonnif^li-
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Laws for the prevention of the blindness of newborn infants are
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diseases — syphilis, small-pox, hysteria and gout.
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from cells, and if it be admitted that the vital actions of these same
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•m-iting — about forty -eight hours after the operation.
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sixty years, who had exhibited an eruption of zoster on both
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is not perceptible at the radial pulse. Bard distinguishes three
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to the part, and have expressed surprise that they have
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ton was saturated with a mixture one part of alum, filteen parts
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CoUege, Cork ; John Bryans, Queen's College, Belfast ; James-
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in n more decided manner than the first. All three specimens contained albumen
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tween the voices of different persons who spoke to her. She stated that
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stand upright, without his knees knocking together. These
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can never be the prime object of the Medical Profession. Its
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strong to persuade me that in this plant was really to be found a preserva-
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functions, obstructive symptoms, symptoms due to chronic in-
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the first few weeks of therapy Some hypertensive patients with no apparent preexisting renal vascular disease
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within the bowel causing a contraction of the bowel above and
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ence to this point has been somewhat similar, for he found upon examina-
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"Let your light so shine before men that the world will know you are
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confused the disease called pityriasis rubra pilaris by Devero-ie

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