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effects of septic poisoning are absent. Repeated haemorrhages
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contain many things of professional interest not heretofore no-
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paroxysmal. Opium and warm baths at first did much good,
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mony to the prevalence of these facts : — That they are confirmed by the
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The filth in this lower region was nearly knee deep, and to go through it with the
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of vomiting frequently, even on a fasting stomach, and the appearance
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adviser, that they sutler at the same time and almost iiiva-
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On removing the splints, the limb was found to be much reduced
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obtained from Maz6 at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Common
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On the other hand, promotion of carcinogenesis within
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performed by the visiting surgeon. Intubation, on the
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of my paper must be limited to a description of one only of these — an
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ago a prominent specialist diagnosed a tuberculous apex in the right lung.
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latter. The author believes, however, that all cases described in the literature are
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In making a post-mortem examination, in a case of sudden death
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and in many collect every grain of proof upon which we can
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n- ,t reee,e/o,n-tant , dditi-.. nt Ueeal ,.r,« tront ho
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less, more caution is indispensably necessaiy in its administra-
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there is a case of diphtheria. He has probably seen
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ance of the true pathology of the disease was left to Gerhard, who in
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the private practice of family medicine in Jonesboro,
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after the seventh day. It did not follow, of course, that
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There appears to be no doubt as to the poisonous nature of the secretion
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infiltration, itching, and sometimes the formation of vesicles and pus-
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mences with the ordinary symptoms of open .frank pneumonia. The patients have a
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suddenly upwards, forwards, or downwards as required. The
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ica, I have reason to know, feel somewhat aggrieved, and I
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capillaries which are supposed to play so important a part in the chemi-
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will be no call or necessity for any preter- the symptoms were not abated, and there
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mental conditions were kept as constant as possible. From four to five grams
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gation from within outward of the contaminated area.
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W. A. Jones, Van Meter, Iowa.— From breeding until farrowing time I feed 2

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