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daily or ofteuer, whenever they cease to be moist. The acutely

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(l) I'.\u-f iln' wmhi-.J .1- v.iv]\ a- [-.i-MMc.

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applied are certain cases of ordinary chorea, in which the spasmodic

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one serious symptom which I have not yet seen to anything like the same

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a = Arnva/ of Mission f= Resumption of Railway Traffic

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Gravel, here the calculi are larger and irregular in shape. Smaller

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The results of this investigation may be briefly summarized as

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to the tube by wrapping it with thread, this improvised tracheotomy tube

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mentioned accident occurred a man fell from the third story of the

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Mr. Squike said they did sometimes occur with emphysema.

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As regards local measures, counter-irjtation over the neck by means of the

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acid and tannin locally. The needle used in passing the suture

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and overcorrection can be troublesome, but generally are

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of Edinburgh, who reported his first results in 1869, again

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intelligence and the perseverance to continue in spite of the seeming

norvasc tablet side effects cats

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suspected, but making allowance for doubtful cases, he

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slight independent motion, laterally. They are united by

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ligation of one external carotid was never of use — e.g., ligation before

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an epidemic, in this respect, with typhus, smallpox, or scarlet fever !

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ployed as a farm labourer, was examined by me in February,

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fever of 1848 and the petroleum craze of later years — we

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has recognized an irregular ague by the nightly recurrence of pro-

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with the liver, are common. Probably these are in all cases (they

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ing. To anticipate the formation of the false membrane is a

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she complained of great pain and extreme tenderness over the uterus ;

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demarcation cannot be drawn between malignant and benign

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July she was placed in an irregular water-cure house, where extensive bed-

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primipara, eighteen years old, was taken with labor pains

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ward from pain in the head and back. At the age of 28 she

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cated by the mother to the foetus in utero, — by the infant to the nurse,

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from striking, lest he deal a mischievous blow where

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Fievre (La) typhoide k Li6ge. [Edit.] J. d'accoiich.,

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shows how wasteful many of us men are of our productive

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all recognize clearly now that an organization which is

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