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Medicines that are irritating should be given after

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ncnnen.' — Reil, KnUvurf einer allgemcinen Pathologic, Halle, lHlo, Diittei

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may not merely co-exist hut be combined in the sanie

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the vagina. — Professor Simpson showed a ruptured ovarian cystoma.

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ing on the scope of X-rays in dental pathology. Apart

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Bright's disease. Casts and albumin were often found in the

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singular fact that not one case of fever was traced from this, the first in the

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selaer Polytechnic Institute. (Third Edition.) Philadelphia,

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convulsions and paralysis, limited to the left arm, set in, and the patient

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however, the patient's condition is serious, with chills, high fever, a

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mercially in the District of Columbia is slightly less than that re-

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of the nerve or tracts behind the globe, a condition that has not existed

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ing; and frequently the stitch abscess burrows into an ad-

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into the systemic venous ^system through anastomosing branches. The

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Tumor Clinic, fourth Tuesday, 12:30 p.m., AHEC-South Arkansas

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Koetzle: Herzblock und Herzschuss, Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1914. 61,

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addition to all the Doctors in the village, and the clergymen of

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for perfect union by means of any of the sutures in common use. He

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In the early treatment it seems advisable to use speculi of

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infection may be ac(|uired in one district and be chronicled as disease

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cumstances, and treated by different persons, sufficient to

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Then pour into bottle 2 ounces Wood Alcohol, adding slowly; add to this

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to 101*2^ F. — ^nine with an otherwise normal puerperium

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the latter, and all parts of the latter, are duly provided for as

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are usually secondary. Fibroma, lipoma, myoma, gumma, and leukaemic

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to teachers and writers for statistical purposes. Chap-

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litely informs Congress that he applied mesmerism lor this purpose, " as early as 1845.**

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