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allowed as freely as the thirst dictates. Opium should be given ver}*- cir-
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horn, on January 30, at 10 a. m. Election of officers resulted as follows:
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of the treatment, let us turn to the examination of the evidence which
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did not seem fairly explicable l)y such long-standing cystic disease. He
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ing the hair. It may be employed dissolved in a liquid, or used as
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between the state alluded to and that of death ; for
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secretion of urine be not re-established, the patient dies. Observation of
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catechu to dissolve at the base of the tongue, which, by
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in the cecum and inserting two tubes, one into the cecum
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escaped, and the cerebellum came into reKef. A silver probe with the
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never had an attack of urticaria previous to these two.
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cannot without discomfort eat more than his appetite or
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against the pathogenic organisms which are liable to be
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Confusion in practice. — The discovery of auscultation and
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powerful activity of all tlie functions, especially
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of the abdomen. In the case of Latham, shot by Buranelli in 1855, although
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and thyroid glands, and also the breast, testicle, ovary, and tubes. They
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Syph., 1923, 7, 63) report upon the use of sodium thiosulphate in the
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several capacities. Interest has not flagged and there has been no lack of
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period he mentions: "The operation requires comparatively
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14th. — Slept very well last night; pulse 70; respirations 22; skin
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If the patient is strong, an emetic of Ipecacuanah may )^e given at once.
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recovered from the pneumonia and gained steadily in strength

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