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tion now under consideration to produce obstruction either of the superior

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or university appointments of the author(s). Manuscripts

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an English Court of Law ; for it is considered better, in this country, not to

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asked : Is Credo's method always successful ; was there

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Syn. — Chronic parenchymatous nephritis, chronic tubal nephritis,

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Complete extirpation of the gland is almost invariably

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B Olei amygdal. dulc. steril., 10 grammes ( 3 lies) ;

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symptoms and signs of the primary disease become more apparent.

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further light can be thrown on this obscure subject by a minute and

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action of these two systems varies with the comparative development of the

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time about this section of the subject, especially by the way in

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often injurious, from the waste of saliva and the depressing effect on the

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which she wishes him to fill in according to his own ideas

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one part of the buildmg are rooms for a secondary school

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allowed to play about the room, and the eating of hard

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prostate ? In the first place, it teaches us to give to the

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case recently treated in which the army fracture box dress-

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disfigure its appearance. Professor Christison acted as the

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The amount of diastase is increased in the urine during acute

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ings and plications, each follicle containing colloid. The epithelial cells

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nerve had gained its utmost ; the secondary contraction, and the final

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and this time might be much better employed. How many important

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tion, increase of irritability, and contracted and torn muscular fibre, the conseoueot

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The work of the speakers bureau has been enlarged, speakers

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the hydrochloric acid which combines with the proteids,

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can be distinctly traced to their original authors. Our godlike

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colonial or foreign licensing body or authority ; the arranging an<l bringing into effect of my

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negative. Any education which does not save an equivalent

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Composition of Explosives. — A German chemical journal

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under constant supervision, and it could be definitely stated

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