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Society participated in the discussion that followed.

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out doubt not the leprosy described in the Bible and other

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“phenolic” ring A which is produced by a specific enzyme

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. PBorBssoR Mettam said the inspection of animals, both alive

prednisone 40 mg bid tapering schedule

the 19th, the other on the 2l8t of August. They are now under treatment, and

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chemical equivalent of the required test in a thou-

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W. R. Brooksher, M.D. (1984-1971)* Richard N. Brown, M.D.*

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the brigade hospital unit, in quantity, size and capacity as

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Epithelial cells, fragments of the epithelial lining of the ducts of

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one worthy of consideration that races had been born

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floor of the mouth are never affected. (Figs. 40, 41, and

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sleeps in chair before fire ; dyspnoea on any exertion ; constant

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being incapacitated, by his illness, from delivering the lectures

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days. Loss of sensation, motion : rectovesical paralysis ; girdle

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healthy. The result of these investigations would seem

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utes to one or two hours, but have been known to last

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opening the abdomen, all the alxloniinal muscles were found completely

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excess, a certain quantity will be expended in the wastage.

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bottles cost 25 cents, and the labels and wrappers not Lo

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the improvement of the nurses and of the nursing which has

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also disinfectants, are of service in destroying noxious

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just above the heart, proved to be an aneurism of the

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duced when ISOPTIN is given, and the patients should be carefully monitored to

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right of royal personages to cure by touch. The then

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Antimony has been employed with beneficial results by

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putations were few. and bore a small |»roportion to the aggregate.

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